Veterans For Peace in D.C. for Memorial Day

In Washington D.C. this Memorial Day weekend, Veterans For Peace will hold their annual "Letters to the Wall" at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, hold a peace ceremony at the Korean War Veterans Memorial and host our own touring memorial, The Swords to Plowshares Belltower. On Tuesday, May 29th Veterans For Peace will participate in the Poor People's Campaign: National Call for a Moral Revival that will focus on The War Economy: Militarism, Veterans and the Proliferation of Gun Violence.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP for the Belltower and can even provide free overnight accommodations at the Belltower night-watch tent (if you can stay up for a night shift) or at the historic William Penn House, a Quaker boarding house at the other end of the mall on Capitol Hill. We are also in urgent need of people to help with the noble labor of unloading the Belltower trailer on Friday night at 9 pm, setting up on Saturday morning (beginning at 7 am), night watch at the Belltower security tent through Monday night, and breakdown on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

End U.S. Military Exercises

The announcement of the cancellation of talks between North and South Korea lies solely at the feet of the United States. The people of Korea have advocated and worked diligently to secure peace and to push for a path of reconciliation. The United States continues to stand in the way of these efforts.

The United States is holding large scale war exercises in the Korean Peninsula, in the waters surrounding North Korea. The people of Korea have repeatedly advocated a "Freeze for a Freeze", whereupon the U.S. would cease their military exercises in exchange for a freeze on N. Korea's nuclear program. An agreement that almost every other country in the region has supported.

The United States MUST stop being a hindrance for peace and cease their military exercises immediately.

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Members In Action

VFP Chapter 72 Protests USS Portland

Veterans For Peace joined with many other organizations to protest the naming ceremony of the ship and to oppose senseless war in Portland's name on April 21st.  VFP Board Member Dan Shea spoke at the event.

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